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Kitty Time and Other Things

20120611_023Toby and the girls

Toby pictures posted at last!!! The first one he is about 3 months old and the other two are later at about 17 weeks (4.25 months)
The 2 dolls are Hypermaniac Ishta and Muse - each sporting a fresh faceup from Emily.

I have not posted in nearly a year!! I am still doing the IVIG antibody infusions. While my energy is still very low - I have had far fewer infections this past year. I think I only went on prednisone once. That was shortly after my second or third infusion and I waited too long to call the doctor. She put me on a short burst of prednisone for all the asthma and coughing, and it helped and made may next infusion symptom free. However I could sleep for only 45 minutes at a time. It was pretty surreal.

I saw the hematologist yesterday for my 1 year check back. They are pleased that my immunogammaglobulin levels,have come up to a low normal level and stabilized. My red count is still low and slowly dropping again. Not clear why - I may need another round of iron infusions I suspect. There are some forms of immune disorder where red cells are damaged by the immune system. I can't get any confirmation on this from my doctors.

So I sleep and nap and doze - turn on some british detective show like Miss Marple and drift off. I especially adore the Inspector Lewis program. The 90+ minutes stories are complex and full of twists and turns and gentle wit. The Oxford location and homes are a delight - Armchair traveling at its best.I only wish there were more of them. The Inspector Morse set is a treasure too - we got it from Amazon UK at a MUCH lower price than the american version. We picked up an inexpensive "all region" DVD player and that has opened up a whole world of great things to watch.

In other realms - our dear kitty Shadow succumbed this Feb. to several health problems including irritable bowel disease. The poor baby got so little nourishment from her many feedings that she wasted away to just a little over 4 pounds. We tried for months to help her with limited ingredient food in many small feedings, and pre and pro biotics - lots of TLC and trips to the doctor. The last few months of her life were tiring for us all. At the end when she withdrew emotionally from us, we spent a last cuddling session with her purring in my arms. We all said goodbye to our sweet gentle friend of nearly 16 years.

Em had researched various breeds of cat and found a well respected breeder of Ragdoll cats right here in our area. In April we went to visit the kitties and test the allergy reaction. Amazingly neither of us got itchy or wheezy at all. One little mostly cream colored male kitten seemed very taken with Em. Long story short - We adopted him and named him Toby. He has been with us for about a month and a half now. He is seemingly ecstatic to live here in our family. He is growing faster than any kitten I have ever seen. He plays like a maniac for long play sessions - leaping and summersaulting and "killing" his toys with such energy and delight. Yet he is gentle with us - using soft paws and kissing our faces and arms with love. What a dear, dear fellow!


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Jul. 13th, 2012 06:21 am (UTC)
My dear Sheri,

I did not know of all you have had to endure the past year. My prayers go out to you dear friend in hopes you find comfort, in what seems surreal. I lost my mother last year, and have kept busy with finding vintage things to sell in hopes it makes others happy. I have since sold off all my abjds. but I still find joy in seeing your lovely dolls and Em's. Please take care and always know that I am here, if you need a shoulder or someone to vent too. much love, Cynthia(gg)
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